Technical writing- what is best? Clarity or jargon?

It’s always great to know what Matt Cutts from Google thinks makes great content-after all he heads up the Google Webspam team and influences the way in which Google’s search algorithm works.

A recent video recorded by Matt explains what Google expects to see in content of a technical nature. In essence he suggests producing content where clarity is paramount. Technical, industry  and scientific jargon is all well and good but you must be able to “pull people in to get them interested”. The target audience must be able to understand what you are saying.

What’s important here is that an approach where clarity takes preference over jargon not only satisfies the search engines and ranks your site higher in the search results but it will also better serve the audience you are trying to reach out and communicate with.

Watch the video below and see what Matt Cutts has to say on the subject.

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